Aluminum Parts and Fabrication

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Aluminum Parts and Fabrication

Plan B Manufacturing produces Aluminum Parts and Fabrication Weldments for equipment manufacturers. Services include saw cutting, plate cutting, drilling, machining and welding. Also, advanced production for quick delivery of standard, repeat parts and weldments is available. We maintain an inventory of Structural Grade Aluminum sections to minimize lead times. Parts and weldments are produced to customer specifications and prints or we can assist with engineering and drawing of custom parts.

Using Plan B Manufacturing for production parts supply can reduce manpower requirements for the manufacturer and/or allow that manpower to be utilized in higher value activities such as assembly, unit weldment and any production required at the facility. Also, manufacturers can reduce inventory, and possibly equipment needs, freeing up valuable production space.

Applications for our aluminum parts and welded fabrications include boat lifts, floating docks and gangways, car wash systems, amusement parks, kiosks, oil rigs, fire truck equipment, equipment screens and platforms and marine, yacht, boat, ladders and steps.

Plan B Manufacturing is located in the city of Jacksonville, in Duval County, Florida and has been providing custom manufactured aluminum louvers and components for almost 10 years. Conveniently located Downtown just north of the stadium, we have two separate productions areas to fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers. Plan B Manufacturing employs engineers, welders and machinists to create premium fixed aluminum louvers and components with quality workmanship, and to deliver quickly and efficiently nationwide.

Estimates are available on the website. Simply enter the size of the rough opening that the louver will be installed, width x height. It is important to list width 1st, even if it is a higher value than the height. The width determines the number of louver blades required for optimal air flow and ensures that the blades will run horizontally when installed. Purchase directly online or contact us at 904-633-7888 with any questions or extraordinary needs.

Excellent customer service is our way every day, with accurate estimates and reliable lead times. Expedited services are available to help with solutions for those inevitable unforeseen production needs.

Questions: call 904-633-7888 or e-mail: