Fixed 4 Inch Louvers



Our standard 4 inch deep fixed aluminum louvers are manufactured with welded construction using extruded aluminum shapes. Typically, 4 inch louvers are made Front Flange Frame with a 2 inch mounting flange, using 4x2x1/8 extruded aluminum angle. Front Flame louvers are made ½ inch undersize to allow for any opening squareness issues during installation, this can be adjusted to a smaller or larger dimension or louvers can be made to Actual Size of the opening. Frame options are Channel and Tube Frames, used mostly for installations in block, brick, etc. walls or screening equipment, allowing airflow while blocking the sight lines.

There are 2 main blades options for the 4 inch fixed aluminum louver, a weather blade and a smooth blade. The weather blade has 2 ridges, at top and at the halfway point of the blade surface, that helps repel wind driven rain and to drain towards the front of the louver. The smooth blade is a Z shaped standard aluminum extrusion, used for inside and screen applications. There are many options for non-standard blades for architectural louvers. Framing options are channel frame, for block or brick wall applications, and tube frame, for flush mount inside of the opening to be vented. The 4-inch Channel Frame and Tube Frame styles are not made smaller than ordered, so measure twice, buy once. Typically, 4 inch louver models come with ½ inch grid Expanded Aluminum for Bird Screen.

These heavy duty welded industrial louvers are ideal for industrial/commercial building applications. The 4 inch fixed aluminum louvers are also used often for Equipment Screens, enclosures for concealing equipment, rooftop or ground level. Blades can be inverted to prevent sight lines from below if mounted above ground level. We can provide mounting posts and hardware for Equipment Screens; however, we do not offer installation services.

Estimates are available on the website. Simply enter the size of the rough opening that the louver will be installed, width x height. It is important to list width 1st, even if it is a higher value than the height. The width determines the number of louver blades required for optimal air flow and ensures that the blades will run horizontally when installed. Purchase directly online or contact us at 904-633-7888 with any questions or extraordinary needs.

We manufacture to any size at standard pricing, if you require an odd size louver size or if you have large quantity order, please call for pricing. Our commitment to quality and service assures you 100% satisfaction. Dimensions are always considered as width (left to right) x height (top to bottom). Express service available, please call. All items are made to order, therefore, returns are subject to a 50% restocking fee.

Excellent customer service is our way every day, with accurate estimates and reliable lead times. Expedited services are available to help with solutions for those inevitable unforeseen production needs.

Questions: call Factory Direct 904-633-7888 or contact us.